ISO a dedenbear manual dial controller (not sold by manufacturer anymore) to use with my dedenbear dial-in board so I can pull my delay box out for certain races.. SACRAMENTO, CA 95829 (916) 230-3085
18-Jul-2018Folsom, CA(10 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any skis for a project - if you have some sitting in your garage, I'll gladly take them off your hands. Could be old - don't need bindings. Thanks!
18-Jul-2018Auburn, CA(22 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for working electric washer and dryer
17-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Hi. In a recent downsizing/moving blunder, our camping gear was given away. We are in need of a camping cot and sleeping pad. Please contact me if you have any old camping items. Thank you
17-Jul-2018Auburn, CA(22 miles)Items Wanted
***NO MORE OVERLOADING YOUR GARBAGE OR STINKING IT UP!*** **********WILL TRAVEL FOR FREE RAW MEAT & ORGANS!*********** **************A LITTLE OVERKILL ON YOUR HUNT?***************** ****************MY DOG WILL EAT YOUR MEAT!!!******************* I use raw meat to make my dog's food and looking for about any kind of meat that you may have. Be it freezer burned or stuff you're just throwing out f...
16-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Would like a bike( lightweight) for big bottom gal. Thank you.
16-Jul-2018Roseville, CA(4 miles)Items Wanted
Looking to use my laptop via T-Mobile WiFi and I need a hotspot router and SIM card. Will pick up anywhere Thank you for the consideration, and whatever you can provide.
16-Jul-2018Auburn, CA(22 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for two bowling balls for a craft project. Don't care what color, what weight. My only requirement is that they're still round.
16-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Description: I am looking for a period correct 1971-73 Vega GT Motion or Don Hardy v8 vega. Also any of the same related parts. Contact: ssl78396@yahoo.com


16-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Description: I Need a Bumper, Front and Back. from a 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass
16-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Needed for newborn/infant fisher price spcesaver high chair. Our dining chairs have foam and it will be unsafe for the baby.
13-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
My sister is moving to town this weekend and needs a bed! She doesn't have a job yet, so is looking for a queen size mattress and box spring that's in good condition! Thank you in advance!
13-Jul-2018Auburn, CA(22 miles)Items Wanted
We are in need of a screen door for our slider. If anyone has one they no longer need I would love to put it to good use. Thank you in advance!
11-Jul-2018Folsom, CA(10 miles)Items Wanted
Our Mr Coffee glass carafe broke after 20 years. Our Mr Coffee is a model NCX20. It's a 12 cup. I think other model pots may work. Thought I'd check freecycle first to see if someone has one collecting dust in the garage. I can send a pic if you have one that may work. It's about 6" high and 6" in diameter. TIA
11-Jul-2018Roseville, CA(4 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for car posters for my sons room. (Just cars not cars with ladies)Also car themes t shirts like mustang ,Corvette ect size adult small or med Thanks
11-Jul-2018Roseville, CA(4 miles)Items Wanted
I need to mow without the awful noise. If you have an old style non motorized lawn mower in need of cleaning, care, and use, I will come get. My husband can fix and I can clean anything. Thank you.
11-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
My neighbor's walker was stolen from his car. Does anyone have one that they aren't using anymore? Thank you!
10-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
I m a college student who rented out the living room and am trying to make a room divide by bookshelves anything you don t need would be appreciated!
9-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a DVD and or VCR or a combo. As long as it is functional to play movies. Thanks.
9-Jul-2018Sacramento, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a working lawn mower to cut the grass. Thanks.
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